Parallax Effect In Kodular (Step-By-Step Guide)

Hi Koders,
This is Kshitij and this is my first guide. In this guide, I will tell you how to make parallax scroll effect in kodular. Before we begin-
Please tell me if you find any error I will make changes to my topic.

Step-1 (Add components and extensions)

Designing Of Screen


You need to make a Header - Horizontal Arng
Design it yourself because I will focus on the main content only however in the aia header is included.

Main Content

Then make the Main Content - Vertical Scroll Arng
In Main Content make Parent Profile Box - Vertical Arng
Set a background image for Parent Profile Box
Then make Overlay Profile Box - Vertical Arng
Then add the info you want in my case it was User_info


Then make the Posts - Vertical Arng
Just design it as you want because it will be dynamic.

Extensions Used

Leo Profile View
Scroll Handler
Dynamic Components

Screenshot (16)

Step 2 (Coding)

Screen Initialization

Leo Profile View

Create a Profile View by defining Profile Image in Leo Profile View Horizontal Arng

KIO4 Gradient

Add a gradient to Overlay Profile Box Be sure to add similar colour like mine except black to match your theme. Vertical Arng

Scroll Handler

Register Main Content VSA - Vertical Scroll Arrangement

Few Posts (Dyanimc)

Refer to 5 Different Listview Guide by @themaayur.

Initialize Variable

blocks (9)
Initialize Global ID Variable for Dynamic Posts.

Main Part for Effect

blocks (8)

On Event V-Scroll
On Vertical Scroll call Animation Utilities. Overshoot Vertical- Parent Profile Box
Start Position 0
End Position Get ScrollY*1.2
Duration 0
Tension 0

Procedure for Posts

Refer to @themaayur Guide.


Results Video

That’s All You Need To Do


APK Slider.apk (9.6 MB)
AIA Parallax_Scroll_Effect.aia (4.5 MB)
Don’t go on names I forgot to change my app name. :sweat_smile:

Special Thanks

Extension Developers
Leo Profile View
Scroll Handler
Dynamic Components

@themaayur Guide for 5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide
And Kodular for such a great platform

Suggestions are Appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent guide​:fire::fire:

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Superb Guide @Kshitij

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Awesome Guide :+1:

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this guide is aldready made on community with great explanation
this is a copy .
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From where do you find it to be copied?
I had given 1 aia to @The_Revenger_Studios on his topic

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Nicely Done :+1::+1:

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really good and tricky.

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Great guide :+1:t2:

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How do I get the Aia file?

Have you read first post ? Aia provided there

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What aia then ?

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Then you have to be more clear in your questions.