One Ui type title bar

Hello I am big fan of One Ui/ latest android 12 I would like to make my app title bar just like one ui apps and android 12 settings app so is it possible? I don’t have money as I am student I can’t purchase extensions? is there any free extension or any simple way?

show some example what you exactly want to make.

Here you go:

I also want search and more options icon in title bar.

This is called parallax effect not oneui effect

I never said oneui effect I said One Ui type title bar

Whatever there is a extension for this but it’s paid and free guides also available for this

The free guide you share is not that optimized. so please suggest something more better.

You didn’t get everything prebaked or readymade you have to improve it as per your choice you can refer these guides. If it’s not fulfill your needs than use parallax extension by nikzdevz but it’s paid.
So you have to invest something to get something

ok fine thanks for your support i can’t get the paid one for now I will see what can I do with this one.

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