Switch Enable/Disable swiping of ViewPager

Hi Koders,
I need help regarding the view pager…
So I want to enable or disable the swiping of the view pager whenever I want…

I have tried setting tab mode to fixed but it didn’t worked…
And for this I think no blocks needed…

Thanks you so much for helping…

Please someone Reply to this Topic about the Solution.
Or if @nikzdreamer2001, you have found the way to do so, can you Please Share it with me and others.

I have found alternative way…
And thanks you for first reply I’m topic…
Kodular Creativity, My and your creativity

I’ll make tutorial on that but first I have to complete my app…

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OK i understood the Principle behind it.

That looks Good in your Browser,
but i am thinking about how to implement it in my Project.

Wait for my tutorials :upside_down_face::heart:

Btw it is made with horizontal scroll handler…

Well, i made it.
Thanks for the Idea.

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Using horizontal scroll handler or any other?

Yes with that Only and also found a other way to control ViewPager swiping.

i think it may be using any gesture listener extension

i did it Using Floating View Extension.

would you like to share preview??

I can tell you the method.
This is how it works in my Project.

I made a CardView of Height - 100% Width - 100% BackGroundColour - #00000000 Visible - False

blocks (1)

I think You will Understand. :+1:

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can you show preview instead of blocks

As CardView Height and Width are 100% it comes in Front of ViewPager and Blocks its Swiping Property.

When its Visible to False ViewPager becomes Swipeable again.

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Ok wait i will.

what if you have to swipe down to see more component

Sorry, i didn’t understood your Question.
Can you Repeat Briefly.

Suppose we have content more than the height of devices then user must need to scroll down to see it but i think you have covered whole content with card so scrolling will also be disabled…