Increase view pager scrolling speed

Hey guys​:v: ist there a way to increase the scrolling speed of the view pager?

It is set to default speed, you can’t change it.

You can use view pager animation extension for more customisations.

Welcome back to Kodular Community.
You need to build a custom viewpager,
As you are new it may be a bit complicated.
HSA — Horizontal Scroll Arrangement

Place components in HSA
Components width = 100%
Use Scroll handler extension.
Register HSA with HSA Handler

You need to apply some logic in blocks

Hope you understood the concept
Ask if you have any doubts.

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Hi @mikewegmueller,welcome back!
You can create your own view pager and adjust it’s properties as you want using this guide.Just add as a components inside your arrangemnts:

@sonumohammad333 why have you marked my reply as solution :slightly_smiling_face:


There is no ready-made extension currently for doing this.
You need to do as @Mohamed_Tamer posted.
Or you can use the View Pager animation extension for animation styles as @The_K_Studio posted.
I marked @Mohamed_Tamer’s post as Solution because you can customize it as you need.


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