[Component Request] Horizontal Listview/Gridview with Cards Support


It would be great to see some components in Kodular using which we can make something like this:

:point_right: Guys please VOTE for it if you want see it in Kodular.

So, it would be awesome if we can use Cardview as list and that too Horizontally.

In Android Studio we can do that by using Recycler View.

Is there any possibility to add something like that in Kodular?

So, basically I would love to see the following features in upcoming Kodular builds:

  • CardView as List/Recycler View
  • Horizontal Lists
  • List Grid View (is possible maybe, as it is available in AppyBuilder)
  • Card Grid View (Kodular Exclusive)
  • Asynchronous Image Loading support
  • If possible some animations for Lists will be awesome

If these features made available then this will allow devs to create professional UI Design like the apps I have shared above. This will make Kodular the best (although it is still the best) App Creator out there for Android development.

I am really stuck in a project due to this limitation.

Yes, there are many paid extensions for the purpose, but none of them is perfect which contains all the design features I need. And they are very highly priced. :pensive:

And I am making a free and ad free app to help users. So, there is no point in spending huge money from my own pocket.

So, this my kind request to the @Kodular Developers to implement these features. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance,
Nitesh Prasad


Yeah it would be nice if we can create controls with blocks (code).


Please also include asynchronous image load if possible :hugs:


I think not could be done. With Kodular’s “Image Utility” Component in Utilities section

Yeah I know.
Here I have asked to add that support to the Custom Card List View , I requested above. :sweat_smile:


We need more votes


yes i want

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21 votes so far :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Any updates??

I want this very hard

But I think it’s hard
It takes a lot of time
We did not get a response from the designers

Buy extensions there are many extension of horizontal scroll view… if there’s extension why kodular should work on it…
It will work for new components and discoveries… Not already builted. Extension… Kodular is not here to make u paid extension to free…
It’s for new discoveries

Okay, thinking to make such extension for free.

And then will ask developers to include it in Kodular.

Being a community member it is our responsibility to do something for it. :blush:

Learning JAVA, let’s see what I come up with. But I’ll try for sure. :wink:


Just a pitty ones showing how much u r selfish…
Everything is not free.

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we want more votes

You can get that extension from here.

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We already know there are a lot of extensions which creates GirdView, but we want this component directly in Kodular instead of buying an extension.


vote 37 wow

I also want this

isn’t this already possible?

just use a horizontal scroll arrangement and set multiple cardviews and you are good to go.

i am using it and its working like in the video shown above.

What about 50 CardViews? Will we add and add again?

We can’t create CardViews programmatically. So this means, you can’t add a new card, you can’t delete a card etc. with blocks.

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