Custom Listviews

Any new List components for the upcoming release?

I dont think in the upcoming release. I am going on holidays and I dont have time to work on Makeroid then

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I really don’t want to be annoying and intrusive, :joy: :sweat_smile:
but are you still working on it or is the topic “Custom ListViews” over?

I’m really interested on custom Listviews because you can done so much things with lists :smile:

I have other priorities now, but after that I will make some cool stuff


It would be nice if you could add additional options by sliding the list element to the left.


Any progress ?

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any progress

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It would be nice have the possibility to add custom Index to element or some tag for use it to call item details.
For example adding item to listview from a DB or a Json and using id record as list item’s index.

Is it possible? Thank you.

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Already there is an extension made by Kus_Zab…called Grouped List View…you may look into it.

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Where can I download this extension?

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Contact Developer

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Thank you for the link
I thought it is very expensive but may be one day I have an important project and it will be worth the money.

need listview with text and buttons

You can use the built-in ListViewer to show some text or a list. For the button you have only the choice to use the „List item click“ or the „List item long click“ event.

There are also some List Extensions that you can use in your project. You can search for them in the community or take a look to this list:

Would like to see custom horizontal listviews like this:

I have detailed the things in this thread: [Component Request] Horizontal Listview/Gridview with Cards Support

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How To Dislplay Buttons In List View using Extension

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There should be a extension for that but you have to search for it.

You can look at @Taifun‘s website: