Swipe left and right with icons below

Hello, I wonder if it’s possible to have a listview that we can swipe left or rigth that display an icon below the swiped entry (like in Gmail app)

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You can do it using animation component & also some logic required…

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Simple… Use fade out…or… Slide out left animation with some margin handling… U will be done
U should have knowledge of how to to set components margings and use of animation component
It will be all done

Note: therr is no block to show slide on components so you have to be very careful when to slide the list

@Zia_Choudhary and @Alapjeet
i think you are animating content but how will you add option or view

i think he want this…

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What do u mean by option and view
I didn’t get your point

visit this

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Yeah i checked this buy he is asking a different thing he want swipe list that can be swiped left or right

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that can be created with same logic and changes

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Yeah… But problem is that there is no option to check whether user swiping on card leftward or rightward
So here he has to use some different and unique logic
edit in your post you have used view pager
And he can aslo do this by using viewpager
That’s a great option

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No,he has not used view pager.

@nikzdreamer2001 can u please tell us which have u used there

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Scroll Arrangement


There’s a same thing do it by a extension but i can’t suggest you to use becuase there is no support by his Developer .
Yes i can talk about deephost extension

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U r right and it is also achievable by @nikzdreamer2001 method we have to use some more logic… May be i try it if get some time… Bcz now its exam time :watch:and i have to prepare for them too​:pensive:

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Thnx you so much


All the best for your exam

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Hello @Stefun

What have you tried? Apply your logic, arrange the blocks, look for the extension which can help you in easing the task.
You have just joined the community before 4-5 days and you already have list of queries regarding ‘Is that/this possible’.
First take your time and learn this block language. Try something by yourself. No doubt you have creative and fresh ideas. But try to make them real on your side and then if there is any problem then ask here.
There is no fun in gaining readymade things.
If you look back at your topics, you have only asked if particular thing is possible or not.
Everyone had a new beginning when they started here. Give yourself some time and first understand the basics.


Hello @Vaibhav,

As you guess, I’ve tried nothing yet from coding point of view.
This way to code is really new for me and my philosophy is that you don’t have to know everything, just nedd to know if it is possible to do. If the technology allows to do it then I can try to do it :wink:
By the way if something readymade exists I will not reinvent the wheel (its is a french proverb but don’t know if it exits in english :joy:) and use what already exists.
I know what I want but dont know if it is possible and before coding I want to know that I have all tools in my own to start.
I have already conceptualized the database structure and the design of the app (not accurately but screen sequences).
I’m reading a lot of posts on different forums, watching videos, and so on :wink:
I know it may be boring for you to answer a noob but first I try to look if topic already exists (based on my new experience of this platform !).

If you have a guide that describe how to use Kodular with efficience and good practices I’m ready to read it :slight_smile:
Sometimes a big gap can exists between technical answer from an expert and noob understanding, believe me I would prefer to be as pro as you :rofl:

Then try it. Apply your logic

Everyone was new when they started.

Yes I agree but this doesn’t mean that you should ask everything here and wait if someone gives you readymade thing and explain that it is possible.

If you take time and go through this community there are many things that are now possible which were once considered impossible.

Whenever you have asked something here it was either doable with blocks or with extension. And if not then members have tried hard to do something and match your expectations. Nothing was readymade. Why should anyone give you all the things readymade? You yourself should experience the difficulties they are facing while accomplishing something that you wanted and proving that it’s possible. If you are not ready to reinvent the wheel then why should anyone try on your behalf?

No one knows if it is possible or not. They just try and if succeeded they post it here. You can try the same thing and answer your own question yourself.

Good. Continue on this path to explore new things. There is much to learn still. Even I am learning.

You are wrong here. Nothing is boring for me. I am always learning (even right now while replying to you)

Appreciated. You are following a good practice. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no such thing. Everyone here has same knowledge. Secret lies in trying and implementing it. :wink:

I am not a pro. Am still a kid who is trying to learn this ocean of knowledge. But I hope you will soon be a pro :+1:


Actually I’ve tested some logic but no begining to code my app :wink:

Good exemple of tautology :slight_smile: Just meaning that it is a whole thing to assimilate (in addition with the language hence, I’m french and not very fluent with english)

Don’t agree, this is the goal of a community ! Morover I don’t ask everything… I actially found a lot of precious advice and way to do by myself. When I create a topic it’s because, I’ve not found a related topic and solution and while trying i’m in a dead end street :neutral_face:

Yes I know, and already found some things… thanks again to this wonderful community !

So if I follow your mind, then you can delete all extensions and even close this community…
If members post there solutions it’s because they want to share information and ease members to develop. I don’t doubt about the fact that it is a lot of search and test to develop a solution or extension, but if it is shared then it is to be used… not only for glory ! :roll_eyes:

Not sure to understand… I have not the same knowledge otherwise I’ll not be asking some help :no_mouth:

Thanks… this is my all day mission :slight_smile: