Daily Challenge #52

Hello Koders, another challenge waiting for you all!
This challenge is about Layouts. So get ready for playing with layouts


The challenge is to obtain the functional method to create a layout which slides in when swiped just like a mini side menu bar
Here is a quick view of the Challenge


These may help you a bit

  1. How to Overlap Component Guide By @Shreyash
    How to overlap components?

  2. Animation extensions like Phase or Slider Tool

  3. Animated Side menu | Custom Side Menu || Guide with Video Tutorial by @Xoma


Are extensions acceptable?

don’t use extension which does the whole work, l hope you understand​:wink:

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Of course!

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What is the Solution for this? @Deepanshu_Arya

the problem was made to get a innovative idea but in case you need to implement it you can try this extension by Ken

Link from(App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps)

But you can say this already does the whole job, you’re just left with designing.
Also, the point of #daily-challenges is to use the in-built components.

thats not solution but in case someone need it in emergency. The Challenge is still on!:wink:

You should rename title to Monthly Challenge #1

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This is really a Monthly Challenge
Monthly Challenge #1
:joy: :rofl:

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So keep working on it, Do not Stop!:wink:

Then why did you post it as Daily Challenge?

Should we also make the calculator design?? or only right side menu?

Just the layout, not limited to calculators

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My try

I am not able to fully overlap it, as I am new to overlapping components. :frowning:
NIK will do it.


Close enough :+1:

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i thaught you filmed of a real Calculator.


What about this one :grin:


Can Anyone Give Link To Slider Tool
And Maayur or Anyone can you Tell how you Detect Finger Slide on Screen.