Daily Challenges - Reserve your spot

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Sorry but cannnot understand

You can see all the daily challenges, if you have took a look at it, you would see the last one was #60, so today’s should be #61.

Is this ok? I’m very sorry about this.


Ah. ok. Thank you very much.

Why shall it be a problem, remember, you are doing this by yourself, you don’t get paid so of course there’s no deadline.


A very nice idea to reserve the spot but kindly just use this topic for reservation, define a format of reply and user must reply in the same format
For example
I will take responsibility for dd-mm-yyyy 's daily challenge

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Made the Challenge. it’s here: Daily Challenge #61


I like it very much that some users have taken it upon themselves to continue the daily challenges. Nice job. :+1:


Thank you for giving me a chance, it was really fun! But tomorrow, I am again very interested in your ideas and will excitingly wait for someone else’s daily challenge. :wink:


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I will be the one responsible for the 2020-04-30T22:00:00Z's #daily-challenge.

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Can’t wait! Daily challenge from a PRO! Not like todays one. :joy:

*had to edit my topic 4 times because of mistakes!

How did you manage this time-field @Mateja ? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

There will be a calender icon
Check it @Yoshi


So, if no one has something against, I will take the responsiblility for 2020-05-01T22:00:00Z 's #daily-challenge.


Check today’s daily challenge, guys. Daily Challenge #63

I will take the chance to make the 2020-05-02T22:00:00Z's challenge.

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I am willing to take the chance to make the 2020-05-03T18:30:00Z's challenge.

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I am looking forward to the Daily challenge for 2020-05-04T22:00:00Z's daily challenge because if nobody has something against, I will take the responsibility.


Since I was very busy with school and tried my maximum to contribute to the community, I finally think it’s safe to say that I will be making 2020-05-11T22:00:00Z's #daily-challenge!