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both @Vaibhav and @Stefun have next level of chatting :joy:

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Remain on one decision. Here you are saying you have tried something but here :point_down: it is exact opposite

You understood communities goal in a wrong way
The users in community are here for help. Here help means to solve your particular doubt/query. And they are not here to provide solution from scratch.
If you are trying something, show your blocks. Instead you would show a video or screenshot of the concept you need to implement and then ask if that is possible or not. Don’t do this. The right way is try to implement that concept first(ex the concept in this topic itself or the video that you posted in a topic intelligent scrolling), if you stuck anywhere, ask here by showing the blocks.

I didn’t get you here. In what relation your saying this? How can I delete all the extension/community conversations? :thinking:
And why would you follow my mind? :laughing:

You are confused in the words ‘Solution’ and ‘Guide’

Solution is an answer to a particular question and that question/query contains some material that can help solution provider to know where exactly the doubt/error is.

Whereas Guide is when an user comes with whole new concept and he/she wants to share it with community. No one has asked for it. Let us take an example. Let’s say you have a concept which was never implemented before in Kodular but you tried and created that. Now you feel like sharing(voluntarily) it with the community because you don’t want others to scratch their head while doing the same thing. This sharing can be termed as Guide.

Both (Solution and Guide) are definitely not provided for glory. Atleast this is true for me. They are there because it is a part of sharing knowledge as you said. :slightly_smiling_face:

I still beleive everyone has same knowledge. The difference is trying and implementing the skill based on that knowledge. For example I love animating components and I have created some related animation but recently I saw some topics where the users used same resources as I have but produced a some classic animating effects. So this doesn’t mean that I have less knowledge than him/ her. Instead the difference lies in implementing that knowledge. :wink:

May you achive this soon :+1:


OK as you want, but to be short I think we have definitively not the same point of view (except for last quote)… :zipper_mouth_face: