Casting phone screen

Hello, I am a Kodular user!
I want to ask that can we create an app that casts the user’s screen to the desired available device through internet. Just like the app, Miracast, just press a button and it takes us to our device settings where we can wirelessly cast. Please suggest an extension or an activity that I can use for casting.

maybe these blocks will help you

or this extension -App Inventor Extensions: Settings | Pura Vida Apps

he asked to help with screen casting and you showed a setting block as a answer? i have no idea.


u shall use some extension

hmm then what did he mention here -

see :point_up_2:t2:

he don’t ask for help on opening any app setting, read again.


Hello Guys!
I Asked If you can provide me with some extension or with some appropriate activity to open the required setting.

a couple of topics

also check community pls