Categoric Listview with header

I want to make a listview with categori header like this;nested list view.bmp (293.8 KB)

You could use dynamic components extension by @yusufcihan

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but how? I’m new in kodular so sorry if it is basic question

Some blocks (apologies they are App Inventor blocks) that show one way without using any extensions and using just one listview.

No selection is made if any of the headers are touched/pressed.

I guess it all depends on the structure of your raw data, and where it comes from, that will dictate how much more dynamic it needs to be.


I searched forum and youtube, but I couldn’t find any answer for my question. I’m struggling to solve this problem for two days. If the forum has answer already sorry again.

Thanks. I got main logic.

No need to apologize.
Some ask for blocks and ready aia … and always receive.


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