Celebration animation?

can Lottie be used in this animation ?
But Lottie is not transparent component.
So is there any way or any extension to make this celebration animation possible when right answer is clicked in quiz app ?

I am talking about only celebration animation when right answer is clicked not any other thing.

yep if it can be run on background

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show wat u have tried till now

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There is a similar extension as per the effect you mentioned by @Jerin_Jacob. Check here :point_down:

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I have given Shake effect of Phase extension when the wrong answer is selected.
But did not find anything to try on the right option celebration so I did not try anything yet on that

show blcks all then

also try i
but its paid
so ur choice

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hey take it
test.aia (426.1 KB)


It was an easier method than the paid extension?
Yes :+1:

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