Cell search from csv

Initialize a global variable like csv_data to create an empty list. When file got text set that global variable not global labels to list from csv table list

i tried sth. but its not working. i didnt that. :frowning:

If you wish post here or pm me your aia to give it a look

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Try aia sent via pm

77.csv in not a proper csv file. Also in order to test it I limited entries in csv to 370 because otherwise companion will crash. I do not know if using csv with so many records is a good idea but you have to test it as apk and see if it works, maybe try to use sqlite as suggested

I tried. Its working with that. Thanks. I dont know how can i do this with sqlite. If i want to use like that with 77.csv or 200.000+ data is it working good?

most probably your app will freeze and crash when reading 200000 records from csv file.

dou have any easy and cheap suggest?

When i click to button3 can i add a list the showing of at the time of screen until app closes?

It mean i search a id and i click button3. searched data storage in a list. like a shopping cart?
and how can i do? is it possible?

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