Cell search from csv

Hey everybody.

I’m new here. I have a list(csv) or .xls. List have 7 x 200.000+ data. So i want to make a apk for searching from data.


It should working like that when i write a number in textbox, apk must search the number at first column. If the number have at the first column, other data of same line should be show at screen.
The part up to here was about database.

So this first column sometimes can be have some barcode or qrcode. I saw ext. of barcode scanner at creator. If i add barcode scanner the app, can i write or scan data at textbox?

I didnt find any topic like that. So i created new topic. I did like that a app at excel. But i dont know how can i do it for Android.

grateful you for all support

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Actually you have a table with 7 columns. Get columns in lists. Search first column using is in list thing block. If is true then from other columns select items using select item list block using as index index of first item

Another way is to create a procedure like this





Thanks Dora. great job.

I tried but it didnt work. I didnt add something like ur project. Ex. I didnt add Labels in global labels, also procedure for each number “to” and “by”. How should i can add these like that more input. If u still have this project can u send me like project?

Most probably you didn’t succeed because you csv is not comma separated, instead it uses ;

Also can u suggest me about barcode scanner? I want to make this split screen. If checkbox is active app will be seperate. Up will be scanner, down other data’s. if checkbox is deactive, just will show datas.

Ohh i see. I will try like that. I need to save again all :frowning: my list have “,” in cells :frowning:


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Try this, as for barcode scanner have you tested Kodular’s ?

test_csv.aia (3.6 KB)

I didnt try never. Just i see some project using scanner.

Try it first and see if it works for you

I will try. Thanks for all Dora :slight_smile:

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do you have 200 or 200000 records?
if 200000,let me recommend sqlite for store the data.

I have almost 200.000. I was looking sqlite if i get it right, its looking hard and expensive way. Am i true?

Also it didnt work still with my .csv file. Im so confused.

when i import my csv file like that its not working still.

upload csv file to assets
read thefile with File Component
in File.gotText event, set name to (lisy from csv table (text))

I have a problem like that

This is not the proper way to use file component. First you use read from file and then you use when file got text block

blocks (2)
blocks (1)

should i use like a activity starter ? or is it true now?


i see new problem.