Certificate error

i exported file from other builder and now i am using in kodular.after editing in kodular i am getting this error when i am trying to upload in playstore how can i fix it

Can you please provide more info that from where you exported the file & all.

from sg builder

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You tried to upload this apk on play store & you got error that this file is not same…

yes…how can i fix it

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Two questions:

  • Do you have a backup of its keystore?
  • Have you signed Google Play App Bundle?

i have backup of its keystore and Google Play App Bundle means what?

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There is one option of singing in after which google itself manage your most of the things…

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It’s a new method of signing apps Google uses to manage your apps. Once you choose it, your keystore is replaced.

where i have to do it? is it possible to do now ?

i think here we have to do changes can you please tell me what changes i should do

Did you import keystore from sg to kodular


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where i have to import it

Very Easy. Just click on Project there you will see one option export keystore… This method you can use to export keystore from sg builder…

ya i exported it next where i have to update it

In kodular click on account icon there you will get option of setting click on it &then overwrite keystore… There you have to update your keystore…

i think it wont effected to my old apps right which are already in kodular

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Yes if you overwrite it will affect your old app. So kindly wait for prokoders reply may be they have another solution…

okay i will wait

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Thanks for patience. Keep Calm & Happy Koding…