[Challenge] ∞ Possibilities Challenge #1: UI Development Challenge

Hello Community,
I Have Come up with a Small Challenge for the Community. The ∞ Possibilities UI Challenge
Kodular can do Far better things than people think It can. Here’s a small Challenge to the Community to Prove this Point
Make a UI Like the Following Image


  1. You can use any Image from the Internet. It Does not Matter.
  2. You Cannot Use any Paid Extension. They All must be Free for Everyone to Access to keep things Fair.
  3. Submit Your AIA to Just Check for Legitimacy.
  4. Try to make Most of the Elements real rather using An Image. For example Background Designs

I can do this it’s Easy :smirk:

Please do it And Encourage others to Participate too

Here is my UI design, I didn’t create the UI like second screen instead I created a story feature like instagram.

Home :

Story feature:

UIChallenge.apk (6.0 MB)

UIChallenge.aia (1.7 MB)

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Good Work @mayank. 1st One is awesome second one needs a little Improvements. Would be Great if you tried the one in the Image but it’s Fine.

Since No One else Participated. Although @EzyAyan claimed it was very easy for him, he did not put in his Work.
@mayank You have Won the Challenge.
Because I Have No Money, I Cannot Reward You. PM me I will see if I can do Anything.

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