Chameleon AD working only in test mode

Hello everyone, that’s my 1st post here on the forum.
I was trying to use chameleon ads as I can’ make admob work and the other solutions aren’t so easy to use and also other of them don’t work for me.
I’ve made a test app with 4 buttons. The 1st loads a test ad and the second shows it. The 3rd loads a normal ad and the 4th should show it but it don’t.
I’ve tried making an “if ad failed to load, then send a toast notification” but it don’t show.
Did I made any kind of mistake or is a component issue? Anyone else facing it?

Can you show what you have done so that it’s easy for us to understand the mistake done by you !!

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Here’s the screenshots. If you want I’ll also provide you the aia file

Did you get any error, error code or something?

I haven’t screenshoted the other blocks but I’ve made a notification block:
If load ad error then create a popup with title error code and content error message but nothing happens

I had implemented chameleon ads in my app and it works fine.But i had not tested with test mode.Is appid or userid is correct?
Double check it!

I’ve made a copy paste so it’s right.
Also reading it, it’s all right.
Maybe is because I’m from Italy (so EU citizen)?
I know that all these privacy laws are giving problems sometimes as the user must agree to view personalized ads.
Maybe is bacause here you can’t choose to show normal or personalized ads?
Or maybe is because I can’t use test and normal ad together…