Change background and colors of the Notifier letters

Does anyone know how to change the colors of the image using the Show Choice Dialog block? I only got the white letters and the YES and NO in red. How to use the Title and Message in another color, background in another color and YES and NO in another color? In the properties in Design mode, I was able to change only when using the Notifier’s Show Warning.

Use custom choose dialog instead of the normal oen and change the text and title color from the properties of the notifier…That’s it…To change the button text color of the notifier you will need to change the accent color from screen1 properties…

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I did it, but the SIM and NO did not change color, only the color changed the Notice and Message

As i said:

Please excuse me, but I still haven’t got it. SIM and NO are still red.


Please can you tell me what is this language?

Try as apk

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or if I leave the screen bigger it turns green, but I can’t change the color from green to another color.

Friend, I got it, it was the highlight color even on screen 1. thank you very much

You’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But what is the highlight color?

It was turning Red just the YES and NO, now when I change the highlight color in scree1, it is the color I want. But can the background color also change and the title and message?

To change the title and text color of the notifier:

To change the background color disable light theme property enable use background property…And choose the color you want from the background color property…

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I’m having difficulties here, could I show through images what I should enable?

I’m using the simulator

How to Set background color:

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I also ask this.

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