Change block colors

Do you like this color?

UP: Material Orange
DOWN: Current One


Upper is even worse, sorry :confused: (My opinion)


Your colors are an eyesore. Sorry. How about using the standard colors? Why try to fix something that isn’t broken?


Why use the same like all others?
We are not all others, we are MAKEROID.
And we are not standard :wink:


Maybe there is a difference between a monitor and a laptop screen. Both look acceptable to me. Please keep them as they are now. I am really used to the colors now and don’t find them to bright anymore.


I love absolutely all the colors, Control & Event blocks are just a bit not too sandy :smiley:

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But until now I haven’t seen anything that makes you different, except the eye burning colors. I’m not trying to be a troll here. Take it as constructive critic.
And I hope you don’t start with “if you don’t like it go somewhere else” because that will show a lack of professionalism that I hope you guys have overcome and treat us like clients, since I’m whitelisting your domain in my adblocker. And possibly I will pay a monthly fee if you come up with something worth it.
I stay because I have hope that this version will be what the others aren’t.
So, why asking the users if we like the colors if you have no intention at all to change them and you say things like “we are different” when somebody points your poor color choice?

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Then you didn’t look good enough. :wink:

The developers are on the forum on a daily basis answering questions. The builder itself is the most elaborate of all the AI clones with the most components. The speed with which new options are made or bugs are fixed is also the fastest of alle the AI clones.

So look again and you will see what i mean.


It would be helpful if you guys could give us a good looking color that you like, because to get the right color is very hard.


I you are going to spend hours looking at something, it better doesn’t burn your retinas with unnecessary bright colors. It’s a little childish to want to use bright colors just because “WE ARE MAKEROID AND WE ARE THE BESTEST”.

How about not going too far from the original colors, since people has been using the other versions for years without complaining about it?


Hello @GorilaMagila
We at Makeroid believe in both quality and quantity of work. Our efforts speak for themselves, both on the forums and on the builder. We have added a huge palette of new components which widens the scope for making amazing apps. Apps made with Makeroid are on par with, if not above, apps created using other IDEs.

In addition to bringing qualitatively fantastic new features, we have revamped the UI of the builder for ease of use and to provide an aesthetically pleasing look. In this process, we had decided to tone up the block colours to make them seem more user friendly and tactile. The blocks editor sure looks more lively now, and is not completely different from the theme used by AI. Contrary to popular opinion, we have tried to carry forward the colours used by AI, but while giving them a much needed boost.
Unless we can garner a unanimous vote on a single better colour, the current scheme is here, and here to stay.

Now coming to more important things:

Surely your attitude on the forum says otherwise. When the intent is in no way constructive, why should we engage in making any sense of the so called suggestions made by you? Levelling charges against us with no reasonable explanation is definitely not constructive.

Makeroid is not spam, and we do not intend to become one either. The team at Makeroid hopes to raise the stakes higher and help more people create apps easily. At the same time, we require money to continue providing these services, which is why we occasionally show ads on our websites. Blocking ads on our website will indirectly mean an insurmountable loss for the end user; which probably gives you more leverage to badger us even further. It is to be noted that the team does not mint money or steal from anyone. In fact, it is our donors who have kept our product alive, and they deserve a big shout-out. :clap:

The Makeroid team, in no way, shall tolerate slander or attempt to defame the product or the members. I do understand that you are trying to get your point across, but palpable hyperbole is not the way to go. Makeroid does not intend to burn the retinas of its users, or cause any harm to them whatsoever.

We have never publicly proclaimed to be the best, but do acclaim to be a notch ahead; all while aiming to be the best. Fabrication of statements to impersonate us will be considered in poor taste.

Makeroid does not endorse complacency, in any form.

You want to criticise on a positive note? Why don’t you start by suggesting a colour which does not burn those delicate pair of retinas?



hmmm.I asked to change the color of the block as a wish list so,dont think we are criticising :slight_smile:
what about using this color “amythest” rgb(155, 89, 182)???
happy makeroiding!!!

I am not against positive criticism. @Abdul_Maajith your suggestion has been noted, and we are testing new colours. What puts us off is baseless slander. I hope you understand.

I may have found a neutral solution to satisfy both parts :slight_smile:
I’ll look more in depth during weekend as during the week I don’t have free time for Makeroid :pray:

As for brightness as a whole, the promised night theme should be fine and a little less colour, saturation, would be nice. But I ask if was not possible to go one step beyond in block colour. Why not differentiate them basing on the components type (sensor, storage, layout, etc.) too.? In a crowded workspace it would simpler to find a block related e.g. to a camera or a a canvas… I understand it could be tricky to achieve a balanced use of colors, as their use today is related more to function (method, property, variable, etc)than type. Maybe a simple color dot inside an usual block or a slice in the right side could help

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Good idea, @Tiziano1960. We’ll run some tests and check it out.


I know you are not against positive and I understand from your point of you so,leave this problem and keep makeroiding

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Wow, touchy! HAHA! When I said “burn your retinas”, it was supossed to be a humoristic quote, nobody thinks Makeroid is trying to deliberately cause bodily harm to their users! LOL! But is always recommended to use a dark environments if you are going to work on a screen for hours. That’s all I wanted to say.
Now can you tell me what attitude of mine is “in no way constructive and leveling charges against you without reasonable explanation”? Honest question here. I want to know what you find so offensive that I shouldn’t say it again, please.


Actually the Makeroid Colors look very nice… They have a wonderful material look!

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I really like the Makeroid workspace as it is. But just as Grid Workspace is optional, make the hue value (afaik Blocky engine has the code so that you can easily edit all colours without changing the scheme) modifiable. Maybe 2-3 presets? I’d stick to the Makeroid theme though. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, make the icon indications mentioned above optional. I like my code clean.