Change block colors

@admins will you please change color of the blocks

Hi @Abdul_Maajith,

What colours are you wanting to change?
What new colours do you want?

Yes the colors are very bright.
it is eye-catching


Change control blocks color

We will rather wait for some more feedbacks and decide what to do.


Yes. Please change those colors. Probably use some light colors.

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Could you suggest to what colors change? :sweat_smile:

Post the in Hexadecimal code if possible
We will make tests with them :+1:

All other blockly editors of AI, Thunkable and AppyBuilder use the standard colorscheme. Only the screen around the editors is changed colorwise.


I especially think the yellow of the control blocks is very bright.


And in your docs you use the original colors. Else it would be a lot of work to change all the images in the docs. It could get confusing for users if they see different colors in the docs and the editor.


yes, I agree… please use the default color scheme…


We wanted blocks to be a little bright as we felt they were dull. We will experiment with more colours.


And also we want to be different to all other builders.
We started to create a new product.
Why not be different as others?


I guess (many) users will use more than one AI clone. Because of the difference in color Makeroid could be more difficult to use because people are used to a certain colorscheme.


And you are allready different because of the quality you deliver and the way you help users on the forum. That you as developers are reachable for the users.

That’s the most important thing why i am here. Not because of the different colors of the builder and blocks.


We will take a look to the colors.
But i can say that we don’t use the default colors like app inventor or else.

Maybe @Diego have in the next days time to do this.

And yes, its our job to answer users questions.
That is the right way how we can build a builder with your feedback and improvements.


I agree, colors are too bright.

Hi, I was also “impressed” by the very lively colors of Makeroid
Maybe … yes, they are too bright but, as Mika says this is a NEW project and must be different from the others
But beware: soft (or standard) colors all like … very bright colors … maybe not
P.S. The important things are the contents, the colors are secondary
Good work at the staff

Paolo V.


I was one of the critics but after spending a couple of days in the builder i am used to it.


Here My Sugestion

  • Nice
  • So So
  • Bad

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I will try to make some tests with some palette colors and discuss with the team, but I can’t promise anything :sweat:

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you can use the color “amythest” rgb(155, 89, 182)