New theme in the builder

Hello! I want to ask if it’s possible to change the colours of the builder (it is kind of eye hurting when using it even for little period of times).
Cream, Gray, Blue and Pink are great colours for a logo, but in the workstation we should use other less striking colours or tones.

For example, there is no enough contrast between the colour yellow and the background and with the letters, so it is difficult to read after spending a little time making apps.

If this is part of your corporative image, then it’s ok. But I am thankful of being able to select more than one theme in the community (I use Light Theme, instead of the Material Theme).

Mmm, we wanted to be different from the normal AppInventor, that’s why we changed the blocks’ colour
Changing just the yellow one would be enough?

This is something that has been discussed in the beginning of Makeroid. I was one of the critics of the colors used in the builder. After a couple of days i was used to the colorscheme, and since i only use Makeroid anymore, with a short detour with AI and Thunkable once in a while, i think they should keep it this way.


maybe you can change the brightness of your screen. On my laptop the yellowcolor looks allright. There is enough contrast with the background.

Being different is absolutely awesome, I encourage it.
The yellow colour is the main problem, and I can try what @Peter is saying but I think that the best solution for Makeroid is to ask a Graphic Designer to share a little bit of her/his knowledge.


I think just changing the yellow color would work. The other colors are good.


I agree with everyone, the only color that is a problem is yellow color, I recommend using color from iOS Thunkable (check Button.Click event)

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