Changes introduced by the new Makeroid UI

As you all know, Makeroid Andromeda unified the Components and Properties panels. While it looks better from a design standpoint, I personally feel that it affects the actual work negatively. It would probably be better to have it as an option, or even return to the old convention.

Also, the new My Projects screen lacks a few features which would certainly be cool…

  1. Sort. The current tiles do not seem to follow no rule (neither alphabetical, nor by last modified, or even creation date).
  2. Export all. This should be accessible from My Projects too.
  3. Show app icons beside name on the tiles, along with possibly the Version Name and Version Code.

Already reported. @Vishwas is working on that

Little hint: Inspect Element

There are already plans to do so

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I’m not on PC :wink:

What about the other suggestion?

Ahem… It’s still relevant.

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I’d love the new design back, tbh I kinda like that more and even to this millisecond miss it, not that I hate your new design @Vishwas, just it was more light on devices and allowed more blocks because, with that version I havent even noticed unresponsive warnings at all from it.

We need this back


One of the first things I’ve learned when I started to use App Inventor and all his forks is, the best way to use designer is in a computer or even a notebook, not in devices.

What do you mean by this? There are more people asking for it or it was just you? I’m curious… :thinking:


I’m definetely a fan of the new design, but it lacks some stuff. Like it still should be in Beta. If you need some examples:

1. Import Extension button can be better


2. Screen dropdown should be aligned vertically to the center like others


3. Clicking on labels won’t launch a specific category


4. Tooltips not present on dropdown buttons


5. Ripple effects for builder components

Some buttons do have ripple effects and some motion, but some of them don’t. Ripple is an essential on a tool related to Android and Google.

6. Dark Mode

If you look at the bottom, you will see a color difference compared to the other areas of the builder. Maybe also other issues? (But the fact that icons become square are really nice)

7. Alignement issue on some category icons


8. Block and component map height

The list ends there while it can be longer.

9. Dialog issues



According to the current guidelines and the latest versions of Android, all dialogs should have their action buttons at the right (as always) and they should not be capitalized (or they should be). I mean there should be a standard.

Having all different makes the UI look, amateur?

These are just some issues I found in 5 minutes and definitely, there are more.

The thing is, we should work harder and fix all these present issues, or still serve this builder under a Beta tag. As always, I will be continuing to serve fixes with CSS (I have some and will be sharing soon) but let’s try harder as possible to make Makeroid stabler.

Besides all this, I have a question for you @Vishwas. Why do we have these differences around the builder? I mean the dialog title colors, fonts, margins, button areas, ripples… Why not define one standard and use all of these in one? Just asking this by curiosity.

With all these issues and text, I DO NOT aim to harm or pressure Makeroid Staff (and anyone else). This is just a useful bug list and a clarification of our current status.

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My main request is to separate the components hierarchy and the property inspector.


The differences are due to the fact that most of the components were originally built by MIT at a time when there was no design standard.
When we first released Makeroid, we tweaked some of this using CSS and a little bit of Java. But some discrepancies remained. This is why we have been rewriting most of the design code to make it more uniform. That’s also why all the new dialogs and buttons follow a particular standard (in this case, the delete component/screen/project dialogs)


Is there any way that you can rewrite all this code? I don’t know if this depends on your guys’ time but…

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Not really.
The builder is coded using GWT, and that’s part of our closed-source source code.


I know that.

Is there any way that you can rewrite all this code?

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Dont forget that makeroid is our hobby and not job.


Always in mind :+1:


It’s not easy, considering how the new code must be efficient and shouldn’t strain the DOM(something that has been causing a few issues lately :sweat_smile:)


Okay :+1:

If you ever think of getting some help, don’t forget that I always have time to help.

I know the file structure of App Inventor and how it works meaning that I can help with the code instead of reporting the same issues 4 times in a row lol.

I love being a designer and a developer :smiley:

I’m sorry but, I was talking about multiple things, I didn’t need to point out just two devices, what would be the point when I could’ve simplified it which I did.

If I and @Kanishka_Developer were asking for it back, would it be plural?

Yes it is. I just didn’t see him asking for it. Anyway, it’s plural.

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Wait, let me make this clear.

I work on my tablet, and only recently have I again started using my computer (I stopped working on my computer after I discovered that Makeroid has full touch support. Then the touch spread to AppyBuilder and App Inventor…)

I value productivity above aesthetics. If I have to wait 3 seconds for the drawer to open with a ton of effects, for example, it’s just annoying.

My main complain, is that combining the components hierarchy and the property inspector greatly increases the amount of to and fro I’ve to go.
eg. Change the properties of Button1, click back, click on Button2, scroll up, because I’ve been scrolled down to hell (probably a bug), change properties, go back, repeat, because I can’t possibly memorize all the properties in one go.
eg. I need to move an arrangement, but it is chock full of components. I’ll just select the arrangement in the hierarchy to be accurate… And now I’m in the property inspector and cannot immediately monitor the hierarchy.

My solution would be to:

  1. Make an option to view the Builder without effects and animations.
  2. Separate the two windows.

Is it possible add optıon for using old ui ( App Inventor Standart ui) or somethink with less effect lightweight

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