The option to revert back to the old components layout

Hey there,

With the next update can you add the option to revert back the old components view layout? (The old list view)

This is not possible, nor a feature we intend on adding.


I like the new idea, but it’s not designed well, because Help and Delete icons are not in a right place.


So please give us the ability to use the old builder. This release is so buggy and I don’t like the new components design.

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Please, by this week v3.0.2 will be out with lots of bugs fixed, including Companion rotation bug


What about this?

and does v3.0.2 include a bug fix for the blocks editor?

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Maybe we can add a option menu where you can choose which types of themes you want


Yes, I want this!

To go back to the old design for the components view a button like this can be useful


And if the user wants to use an older version of the Makeroid Builder a button like this could be useful:


How are these designs?

Sorry but I don’t agree with this. If Makeroid is going ahead making new things, and even with new things you are suggesting a lot of new functions, why going back to a version which you have made many other commentaries?
The fact is that we have to GO AHEAD, keeping Makeroid better and keeping in mind that we have to solve all bugs and after the bugs solved, we can think about new features, as I had said in other posts.


@TurboProgramming I think I was pretty clear with my response.
Backward compatibility will not be added.

As @Kleyber_Derick has mentioned, we are trying to move forward. Sure, we’ll fix bugs in future releases. But what’s the point of going back to older versions?
Just because one or two users do not like a change for subjective reasons, we simply cannot be wasting our time and effort in making pathways to the past.

When Google released Material Design on Android Lollipop, a lot of users were unhappy with the new design. Did Google choose to add a “revert to holo” option?
I guess I’ve made my point.

Just to be clear again, the new layout is here, and here to stay.

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@Vishwas well, it’s ok that you are moving forward, but please release stuff when it’s bug-less and completed. Currently grid view is just going out of the context.


I liked the new design and I don’t say anything about moving forward.

Of course you should move forward with new things. But please let users customize the builder with their options. For example some people may not like using a grid view instead of a list view. So add the option to change this. This is not moving backwards. Adding this will also support moving forwards.

If you ask me, it takes a lot of space and I want to use the old layout. So just add the option to do it.

And another thing:

Ben is right.

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