The community design changed

Makeroid staff is testing a new design for the community, What do you guys think?

  • The old design is much better
  • We prefer this one

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Old Design

New Design

suggestion: Can we have the ad displayed at the bottom of the page instead of the top?

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I just refreshed the page and now the page looks like this

I hope it’s just me because I really don’t like this design

We are just testing it, we will keep it or remove it depending on users reaction :sweat_smile:

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Maybe a poll is a good idea?

I think it’s not bad for me. Also great. Change is good. :sweat_smile:

Will do tonight :+1:

He has already made one. :smile:

Guys isn’t it look wired? i got some space below “builder” which does not have before. and see on side which i see above before.

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but this does not look good i guess :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: it is more wired when i show white on “advertisement”

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Personally I think the other old one is much better


i will also say the same :sweat:

Hope the rest of the community agree with us


i think it look wired coz of space taken via ad. what about ad in down?

That ad almost feel like is hiding a Title

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maybe here too

They wil fit in ther pretty well

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I merged all three topics together. Maybe it looks a little messy. I guess it is simple. Or you like it or you don’t. Lets see what the votes do.

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Old design winning :star_struck:

:joy: I vote for the new one.