Which design do you like best?

Designers at Makeroid, do not feel offended, it’s just a general question I like to ask because, I liked the old design and if there was an option to switch to that, my life would be rising to heaven.

  • I liked the old design
  • I like the new design it’s so lit, so yeah
  • I like the new design but, wish we had an option to switch to the old
  • I like the old design but, wish we had an option to switch to the new

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Old Design:


Take a look at the new, yourself.

Thats not fair. I wanted to click the image and now i have voted and can not take it back. :roll_eyes:


LOL, I’ll fix it.

The new design with the “Component” panel would be great!

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All I can say it is not easy possible or maybe it is not possible to change the layout with just a click.
The design is done in many files.
So just a switch is not possible.
Or Am I wrong @Vishwas?


Absolutely right, @Mika

I think this topic is related:

There is only one problem in design that component properties is shown after clicking on component on same panel
But in old there was two panel one for component list and others component properties


@Mika I suggest if many people want to bring back the design, create another webpage like old.creator.kodular.io. I don’t think it would be as hard as a switch.


I sorely miss the old layout. :sob:

@kanishka_developer i also miss the old one, old is gold

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The problem with that would be that a different Google Cloud project will have to be created, as is not only CSS what has been modified, also Java
Consequently, as being hosted on a different Google Cloud project, both Datastore (database) and Storage (file storage) will be different and projects won’t be shared
And moreover, a different version hash will be used, which will cause conflict on compilers

And we have an update on design which won’t be possible with the previous layout :wink:


I liked the new design the most.

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The new design is terrific. It’s just that I liked the separation of the two panels, and having it as an option would be great.


Maybe you would like something like this ?

  • I think This is possible by editing mdl.css and ya.css

No, I’m not against the more modern material UI style Creator. I just need separate Components and Properties panels.


i would like this :sweat_smile: