Looking for suggestions!

What information would you like to see here?

As it’s a bit emtpy, I wanted to add some stuff, and maybe someone had good ideas for it
So, just suggest what kind of data would you like to see there. Or share any concept you have in mind

Most active user. Most popular app.

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That gave me an idea… How many users are currently using the builder.

Most active user of the Community?
Most popular app of the Store?

There are several ways :sweat_smile:

That’s not possible, as we only get real time data from GAnalytics and that is something unnecessary, I guess
Plus, it will make Makeroid Account very slow having to fetch data all time

Not if they refresh

What do you mean?

When they refresh, then have it look for the data, that wouldnt cause lag.

I still don’t know what you mean…
If what you want is to have real time data of how many users are connected, doesn’t make sense to have them stored and refres only once per hour…

You’re now confusing me. -_-

What do you mean with CURRENTLY?
Real Time or in X period of time?

Real-Time but, it doesnt look for data in Real-Time… It looks for data only on the first start of the site or a refresh.

I know what you mean, but that will mean to:
1- Process a request to an external URL (even if it’s Google, that will make the page to load a few ms later)
2- There’s something called Rate Limiters which will be triggered due to the amount of petitions to Google API. Consequently, the page will never load

Look dude, that’s not my fault :rofl:

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You can Add Poll For New Features Do We Can Check There

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Updated Makeroid Account

  • Added more info to Home page
  • Finished Extensions IDE page


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Thats super cool.

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Not really :confused:

@ProKoders and @Kodular have already seen it :joy:


I like the 3 statistic bars :rofl: