Want to see the new Makeroid?

Lots of users have been asking how is Makeroid going, what are @Kodular staff doing…
Well, we can’t “directly” show anything, as we want to give the biggest surprise ever to all users

The reason of not giving SneakPeeks is to make a big :boom: and leave everybody “shocked” :exploding_head:


We are going to present Makeroid on this contest:

There we will use the new Makeroid for all demonstrations, we will show all new stuff we have prepared

So, if you can’t wait to see new features and “everything” we have prepared, come there from the 9th to the 11th of May to check Makeroid



Thanks David, we just need to know that you are working on the project. apparently everything was very stopped

Diego* :sweat_smile:

It’s more active than what you think :wink:

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I’m sorry for the name change, Diego.
Regarding that you are working on the progress of Makeroid, now I do not question it, but until now nobody communicated anything to us because it seemed that Makeroid had fallen into the caisson of oblivion. You can work a lot, but if nothing is said, it does not seem that way. Now I feel more calm. I apologize if I have been very upset

Don’t worry :+1:

I understand your behaviour. We haven’t told anything until now. We just ask a little bit more of patience

The station is near :wink:


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I just want to know that did you guys add any other ad networks like appodeal? :blush:
Because admob is giving very low cpc now and lots of people want to try something new and better.

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We can’t confirm or deny anything, wait some time :sweat_smile: