What's differences between old version & new version

what’s differences between old version & new version ?

You will see it in 23 hours



But for now you can take a look at the Sneakpeaks


One word: Icon


It’s 10AM and still coming soon page… Please … Can’t wait


Can’t wait man!!!
I am just truly excited.
BTW what’s the release time for India?Is it 1:30PM? But why???

due to different time zones


okay i knew the answer but if we use VPN then???

No coz they aren’t released yet the 10:00 am there will be 1:30 pm here no matter for VPN

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can u ask them for me because i am new user of makeroid and previously was using thunkable so please ask them

thanks bro

btw how much approx. can we earn from facebook ads and amazon ads and leadbolt ads in a day if we put each one one on an app?

You can’t wait a few hours? We all have to deal with the suspense too

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I think it’s around 3:30 PM in India . Indian time zone is UTC+5:30 . And one more thing when makeroid has started final countdown , I have calculated it and the final time is 10:00AM … But I don’t know why they removed it… :frowning_face:

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coz the time zone were not UTC+2 which is their aim

Correct time is 1:30pm in India.