Trending Apps (Among Kodular Users)

Whenever I log in to the community, I see people asking how to make apps.

The problem is, that they haven’t even tried ANYTHING. “How to make x app?” with screenshots from a website or another app. Nothing useful in the body of the post.

A popular type of app to make is apparently semi-piracy apps. You aren’t actually supposed to record Facebook/YouTube videos or save Instagram stories and posts. It’s against the spirit of the app! (and probably breaking the ToS)

Another type of common thing is ADs. “AdMob not working”, “Facebook ADs not working”, “MONEY MONEY MONEY” (someone link Abba’s track).

Yet another common thing is “WebViewer doesn’t do x, but it works on y platform”.

What’s wrong? Maybe Makeroid should not give monetization to people out of the box. They should earn it. Otherwise there is a flood of low quality apps stuffed with ADs. This was just my opinion, on the situation…


I totally agree with this. Users don’t even look in the forum. They just ask, want an answer and the next question is already waiting. They ask the same question in different forums and don’t have the decency or respect to wait for an answer. They don’t realize, or worse they do, that developers are doing this in their free time. They may use Makeroid for free but still demand more, more, more. They ask for complete apps and want to know how to make them from A to Z.

I have never closed so many topics, had to discipline so many users since the launch of the new Makeroid. In the past i tried to tell users or educate them how to behave on the forum. These days i am a lot quicker with silencing or suspending or as a last resort banning them from the forum. It saves me a lot of time that i can spend on something else.


Thank god… Someone finally did what I was thinking.


Also, you tell them in which direction they should look, and the next response is, “Send blocks and AIA”


Wait me?..

Lol no not you, I’m talking about the general “you”.


How dare you call me out like that :joy:

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