Developers not respect to newbies

Ok i will be straight that here most of the people hates earning app but if any new one joins kodular and asks question or asks solution for problems related to Admob our few developers just make joke of them and without giving any solution they just tease them. I have seen many cases here and i will not highlight them cause i don’t want any kind of debate here but just want to give respect developers no matter what he is creating because people post topic for answers.

This is because all questions about that are like “AdMob ads not showing”, which was answered multiple times
And we do the same with already replied answers. We do not allow duplicated topic, as it’s inefficient

Just try to find only one question which was asking in a nice way and we just closed the topic without replying to it. You won’t find any
We only do that with questions without explanation, rude users or duplicated topics


There is a pinned topic which clearly tells users to not create duplicate topics about issues related to AdMob. If people would search and read existing topics first they would probably get their answer fairly quickly.


I’m sorry @anuragtekam0 but I do not agree with you, because it does not matter if the user is newbie, veteran, etc. a quick search in the community is enough to get many answers. Only this weekend there were more than 12 questions on the same subject. Something to think about it, right?


Not only people here, but also Google play store don’t like earning apps.

Normally it’s not expected from a new users that they just have joined the community and directly target a question regarding Ads.

And even some users just solely join the community to ask questions about ads as if this is a Ads creating platform instead of Apps creating platform.


Yes I understand and I know it’s mainly me who causes issues here… behaviorally. I’m not the brightest person here. But as mentioned if a noob brings up a question about Ads not working like @Diego, I respond aggressive. Why? We have so many Ad topics here, we could dedicate a whole category to them. (Most don’t even use the proper category which is #kreatorcamp:ads, not Discuss. If you’re a noob, and know how to read, I’m sure you’d know that there’s a pinned topic (again like Diego said).

As I mentioned:

I’m not the brightest person here.

If you met me in RL, I’d be much nicer. Sometimes I come here and don’t even wanna reply, I used to hand someone else the conversation if I ever felt aggravated at the person I was replying to (very good technique for me) and I stopped. I think I’m gonna start that again, instead of screaming as people.

Our actions do say what we are. When it’s a noob though, and they’re asking why ads aren’t working… No ones gonna deal with it. It’s like someone playing Xbox One Minecraft asking how to open their inventory, and it says it in the corner, they can search how to do it.