Any ads not showing

Ads are working perfectly but only in live testing only when i do live test then ads are showing after exporting the app ads are loading and not showing

Bug report


and what should we do now,? Ask google why/admob why you dont get any ads.
And please dont tell us, the blacklist or kodular make the problem.

Search in the forum

For me admob works and a lot of other ad networks too.

Why not use a other ad network we hae so much better ad networks as admob.

and again dont tell us kodular make the problem, maybe admob wont give you somme ads because your app hae no usecase or you load too much ads.

I hate theese posts.
AAdmob dont show me ads, Please Kodular repair it.
Each day the same sh.t… Each day we hae min 2 posts about that.

What should we do. Tell us which error you got/get.

NO= you make a post all ads are not showing with nothing more.
Thats lazy and crazy too ake a post without anything.

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Yes, Ads doesn’t show up until you publish your app to play store.

Even Admob or Facebook ads they both now work after publishing to the store.

For Facebook you need to submit your app for verification and the facebook team will check your published app and If they approve ads starts playing else they won’t.

Kodular has Updated and working SDK’s of Admob and Facebook.

I have being using both of them in my app and had no problems.

If you make any app which is against to the admob policy ads stop playing… !

All ads are working fine… ! If that doesn’t work for you No member of kodular can help you !!

PS : Remove the “Bug Report” phrase !

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Why don’t you all understand, you should search the community before posting a question
Read this and Mark the post as solution :white_check_mark: to close the topic

Please dont reply anyone

@mayankp9794 ,
Please mark any answer with solution to close the topic. Then no one would reply.

this problem from apk export. same webview project i done with android studio ads are working. in companion every thing is work fine, after export and install apk in mobile ads not working. what I observe that even adsens ads also not showing from app. website ads woking fine. in app. webview not showing. strange but still we never blame its a kodular bugss :wink:

@aravind_chowdary_in its not like that… i created many apps in studio. but i never upload on playstore. i just share with my friends. but all ads working perfectly…app Inventor, thunkable and other sites are not for developers. means those who don’t know coding they make apps. its a slap on developers :wink: only developers knows where bugs comes from…What I Understand its just a business for aia files. design a good UI and sell it without coding.

All the builders are for developers and Students or learners. As for developers, we can easily make apps quicker without having to code the entire app from scratch. We have Extensions which breaks down the work for a developer which in turn results in less work and more time for UI and bug fixes