A piece of my mind

Okay, so… I’ve been quiet, eh? See… I never went away, and I am not leaving Kodular anytime soon. I have always loved Kodular, and I do not think I’ve ever acted in a way that disrespected the team or the users here. I log into the Community basically every day, but I tend to stay quiet nowadays for some reasons.

  1. It’s overwhelming, the number of new topics created each day.
  2. The new users seem to have a very different philosophy, in light of the veterans.

I’m just writing all this to let you guys know that I’m very much here… Just disappointed, I guess? There are people bashing Kodular (and even though I don’t agree with some drafted changes; @Diego knows what I mean; I won’t ever bash Kodular. Bash is best limited to Linux.) over the new changes without understanding what they mean, and the driving force is shifting from innovation to monetization. I’m sorry if I sound too negative, or if I wasted your time. If you agree, thanks.

As I’ve said before, I really think of the team, Daniel, Yusuf, Franck, Shreyash, and others (Peter you’re more of a guardian figure :wink: ) as my friends, and I really like talking to you guys about nothing in particular.

With all that said, I end this post with this:



:grinning: :smiley::grinning: Very funny and true

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Kodular deserves it.
It is giving best service at no cost.
Thanks Kodular :heart_eyes:


I started with MIT AI2, I went through Thunkable, but then I found Makeroid, now Kodular, and I just got attached to it. Never in my apps did I worry about making money, so true that I don’t have Adsense or Admob account and, for this reason, I didn’t participate in the commissions, but I recently started to use an extension of the StartApp banners just to see what it’d be like. Now that these banners are native, I’m switching to it so Kodular can get commission from my earnings, and that’s totally fair and will always be.


TBH, the community is not the same as it was earlier. No one’s polite enough. Everyone seems to be acting like what you said

You hardly see any topic answered politely. Not everyone, but IDK what’s up with some peeps out there? They usually reply to others rudely, especially to new users. Actually, it’s not always necessary that the new members will be familiar with the forum’s rules and regulations, hence, I think it’s totally fine if they ask a question that has been asked many times earlier or if their English is poor or if there’s a typo in their post, just try to understand what they want to say/ask and try to respond in a positive way. Being members of this community, you are representing Kodular, and acting in such a humiliating manner will only harm the image of Kodular. And I’m quite sure you don’t want this to happen, right? But don’t think that the same thing complies with a spammer, spammers are spammers and they should be flagged, as always.

Another trend that’s going on here is ADS. Out of every 5 topics, one is related to ads. And this is the actual case! I’m not saying that implementing ads in your app is a bad thing. You have done such a great job of creating a wonderful app and now it’s totally fine if you show ads in it. But what makes me feel bad is when people create apps (some don’t even take this much efforts, you know what I mean) only for showing ads in it with a strong desire of earning a lot of money from it.

And talking about my presence in the community, I was never away but always here, I read each and every thread as always, but just quietly, without replying a word. And perhaps, for me too, this…

…is the reason for being quiet for so long even after completing my exams. But anyways, I’m damn sure that such things would never take me away, neither from Kodular, nor from my friends up here, because I think this is that place and these are those people who made me realize what my true passion is.



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