New Commission System is very high!

Hello dear community and stuff
I installed the program to calculate the new commissions and was very surprised
Although I chose 2-3 components, it shows a 30-35% commission. Don’t you think that’s too much?
Now a few users will attack and will say that the Kodular is free, but 30-35% commission is too much, I think you should look again.

Since my proqram does not have in-app puchases, I have to activate the second option in the “Extra Feautures” section and it shows an increase of 10% commission. what does this mean?


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Same as Admob… 30%

Remember, ad operators and Kodular need money to operate their services too. Without them, you have 0% of the money.

Ok then let’s make the commission 90%, if it’s not Kodular, our income is 0%. point of view should not be such.


i can not understand this. can you explain please?

Really ? :flushed::flushed:

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Man stop giving this silly reason and think from both sides.

Last time In draco, l ots of users was not satisfied with the 20% Commission… Later on the staffs said it will be reduce in nearby future. What a marvelous reduce. 20% to 75% .

they are not satisfied, they have many users, ads everywhere., revenue coming from the forum, . is thier net worth not enough? Kodular need to run server good but the Commission they are charging is like they can buy 2-3 own server in upcoming yrs.


Look at the snapshot below… (Used all features… Paying through Unity.)

New commission goes up to 44%


Not a joke. I am serious.

It means you app will be full of Ads… Everywhere…

Well, go learn something more advanced such as android studio if you actually want to earn closer to the full sum (less middleman = less fees absorbed)


It’s your fault for placing it everywhere in the app, you decide the layout and the ad calls, not Kodular. Kodular only earn with fallback ads.


You’re taking advantage of us who don’t know coding…

It’s easy to learn, YouTube and Google are your friends with many documentation websites and tutorial videos. I learned python in 2 days with the internet

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Seriously??! It’s not that easy…

If you want to learn, you will learn. The reason why so many people want to earn money on Kodular is because it’s easy to use but money does not always come easy like that, it has conditions. If you want to earn more, you need to strive harder and continue learning so you don’t need to depend on these platforms for money.

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please also notify admins about this topic
notify them using @name

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That is not necessary. Developers read everything.

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It’s not right to be so grateful that the Kodular is free and it doesn’t mean that users should submit to every decision

I think it is beneficial for the future and stability of this platform to negotiate the decisions and communicate our ideas to the managers.


You are paying for the features that you use. If you use all features available then you pay more. Most users will only use part of the features and pay less. And if you like me don’t use any ads at all you can use all features for free. That’s what i love about Kodular.

I see a lot of users that only can talk about ads and earning money. They don’t talk about a quality app they are making. They want more and more and pay less and less. That’s why they wanted to use ad extensions so they didn’t have to pay Kodular. Thankfully Kodular has put a stop to that.

So again, if you use every feature you pay more, if you don’t want that don’t use everything.