Please return the fee removal option

I was very excited for the new update, but unfortunately I was denied the option to remove the fees.

I do not know what Kodular financial situation is, but I can understand if it would not have been profitable for Kodular to continue this way.

But eliminating the possibility of removing commissions is too difficult an approach.

I do not think there is any company or professional developer who would like to share 6-27% of the app’s ad revenue. Think of developers who develop applications for other people / companies - they need to explain that 6-27% of ad profits will not belong to any of them.

In my opinion, the option of an annual or monthly payment should be added, thus completely removing the fees from all the applications in the account, or even returning the fee removal method to a specific application.
(in addition to the new fee collection method)
All this at a more expensive price which will yield to Kodular a handsome profit.

I would love to hear your opinions and especially the team opinion.

Do you agree with me?

  • Yes!
  • No
  • I have no opinion on the subject

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Same thing i think about. With all users of Kodular and apps they post they’ll get really enough money and even more than they need, stopping the fee removal subscriptions is one of the worst decisions they made because it will pose issues for many koders. :neutral_face: I hope they get it back as soon as possible we really need it

Just curious but can you show me some evidence to proof your claim?

The number of users of Kodular and apps posted. Just imagine they share almost 1/4 of the revenues of every app posted on Play Store, isn’t that really a lot? And if they don’t want to get it back at least decrease the percentage or set a fixed amount

You didn’t answer my question. You are just claiming some things. Where is your proof?

I still don’t know what is changed in the commission/ads, can’t understand anything and have not bothered to check what exactly it is. :laughing:

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I believe that every software should have a profit and not just a profit to keep it alive. However, I believe there should be a way to remove commissions, even if it becomes more expensive.

I also think that this way everyone benefits - beginner developers can develop amazing applications on an amazing platform for free
And more advanced developers can remove the commissions at an appropriate price if they wish.

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Exactly what i wanted to say

4 Million apps built in Kodular just in 2020, isn’t it more than enough to provide money to every one in Kodular’s staff and still have lot of profit? We don’t want them to remove comissions but it won’t affect them if they return the comission removal.

In 1.5 million, it’s like just near 20 or 25% (or less than that) of the apps which gets monetized.
And projects are just left as they are. Its just the number count.

That’s around 400k apps, and they get 6 to 26% of revenues of 400k apps, still not enough?

That’s 1.5 million projects, how many unnecessary projects do you have in your account :upside_down_face:

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Yes, a lot of apps has been created from kodular but it didn’t mean that all apps are going to be published on play store.

Even I have created more than 100 project since 2020 but never published a single app to play store and you’re saying that it is more to earn commission

A lot :joy:
But here i’m talking about number of apps not projects

Our commission and branding removal features were not performing as well as we had hoped for. Several factors including supported payment methods, pricing, and the revenue generated by the average Kodular user have gone into our decision to unplug pay-to-remove functionality. (For example, most projects made with Kodular aren’t monetised at all)

After close consideration of what most of our users want from Kodular, we have recently announced a more streamlined process of monetising your apps. We believe this is the best option for a majority of our users.


800+ me :laughing: (combining all my creator accounts since 2019) in which 1 got monetized :neutral_face: and app was dead after some days.

Thanks for the explanation, but if so I still see no reason way not to increase the price of commission removal

Thank you @Vishwas for your explanation.

It seems not. But maybe you can still provide some real proof. :wink:

I already provided a proof, but can you do? Show us a proof that the fee removal method didn’t perform well. You’re just repeating the same thing to avoid hearing the truth

I don’t have to proof anything. You were the one stating that there would be enough money not me. You seem to know the truth but can’t provide any real proof for that besides an image.

Since a dev answered the question i mark that as a solution and close the topic.

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