Kodular ads Commission

Hi koders, I would like to know what is the commission that remains kodular of the ads?

Please search the forum for that question. It has been asked and answered many times.



I know, but in the forum it says 5% and then I read that it says between 5% and 20% and it’s not clear to me.

I hope it is clear now. :+1:

So if my app is basic, only 5 percent commission will be taken from me right?

It says so in the docs.

Okey thanks

But peter when i launched my apps my match rate was decreased first so i implemented ads counting and many more i count all activities with ads of user but when i checked my adsence statics and compared with one i have it have about 35% kodular eating my Revenue.

And when my admob was not approved it shown ads upto 3 Times a day whenever i launched my app to check my approved account. (I launched Upto 20 to 50 Times a day
why this much difference)


what 35 % did you pay for ads. Thats a bit much for me if i use ads in my app what i will publish soon. i think 10% is ok but 35 is too much for mee.

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That could be possible in low amount of displayed as (as well as having a lower percentage)
We show our ads by generating a random number between 1 and 0 (with decimals)
If the number is lower than the 0.% we take, then we show our ad

That is the reason that in case of low amount of ads shown it could be higher or lower
But when showing lots and lots of ads, that amount gets exactly up to that point…

And that is why we say that making tests with only 10 ads and check how much do we take does not make sense…


I honestly dont understand what the problem is with them taking Commission??? Honestly, if I used AdMob or Facebook Ads, they could take all of it for all I care. You’re generating maybe $10.00 and out of that, they cant take $0.50 or up to $2.50? I understand it may go above that percentage, but would you like your Favorite App Builder go bye bye just because of your one tiny problem with up to $3.50 in some cases. I find it immature, it’s not like you’re gonna use that $10.00 you got on something useful anyway :roll_eyes:, if you have bills and a job, I’m pretty sure you can use that less than $10.00 now for something unuseful if you’ve payed all of them. I wouldn’t complain about this small amount of money, you have a greater amount than they actually get from one transaction to their account. Why does this matter, do you really wanna take candy from the baby? Or do you wanna take the candy and eat it??? Then make the baby upset? You choose.


I agree and it is logical that they remain a percentage, but I think the problem is that it is not clear how they calculate the percentage that remain and it is logical that people want to know, in the end it is their money, they have the right to know it


There is a simple way to stop this discussion. Just don’t use ads. :sunglasses:

yes better to use !
app in billing
if you create nice app absolutely users will donate you
isnt it? :wink:

it also take transaction fess


Same with me just see this

I don’t why this happens

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I have a solution only show 2 ads per sessions ok.
And show ad when user clicks a button

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First of all, the User can accidentally click the ad, so that’s not the best idea… Only if you want your Google Play Developer Account suspended.