Admanager Revenue and Balance are not equal

My revenue in august is higher (appx 22%) then the balance of the month.
Can please anybody explain why is this difference?

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In reporting, Revenue is without commission.
Finally amount in Balances is after commission.

22% commission?
It should be 10 %

Interstitial 19%, Banner 21%
It is available in Kodular Docs

do you have any link?

You can search, it is available in component section.

searched already but found nothing about that.

Well… I earned like $110+ by the reports and now I got $52 which is lower than 50% than it was. I don’t understand either the commission system or Google’s policy. I depend solely on the ad revenue from my app and I don’t know what’s happening or going behind.

Hope you’ll take a look at this soon or let me know if this is from my previous earning or explain us the reason behind this.

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I read and searched but in this link you sent is nothing about commission.

%50 percent?!

Yes. Less than 50% :cry:

what happens here

Let’s wait for the admin team to clear this and not to confuse other fellow koders too. :+1:

Balances Added is from 2nd Aug to 1st September.
My Balance is showing correctly.



I have a banner ad and an interstitial ad in my app. Do they both count as 40%? If yes, sorry but this seems like a day-time theft to me. I am definitely not gonna love losing 40%. I’d be still happy to serve ads if this were like 15 or max 20%.

I don’t understand the system. It’d be great if someone explains this.

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in my case it is 22 % and it is really too high.

ps. i have only banner.

Yes. But, I still can serve for Kodular’s usability. But, for 40% is way too high for a app building service in my opinion.