Admanager Revenue and Balance are not equal

In my account 19% commission on revenue earned from Interstitial and 21% commission on revenue earned from banner.
Not 19+21.
Reply from kodular team will be appreciated

it is too high. I consider to stop to make new apps.

Yes, if this is the case. I’d too.

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50*20% is 10 dollar not 20

Yes… I got it. Sorry, my mistake.

I will be very happy if they bring back commission removal system or any other premium plan.

I dont hope so what, they change it.

Yes, I’ll definitely get it if they do bring it back.

Commission values listed are for each component. Do not add them up. We will be taking 21% of the revenue generated by each banner, and 19% from each interstitial. Not 40% from either/all.


Thanks for clearing the doubt. :+1:

Based on the data we’re getting from Google, your earnings for Aug '21 were ~$60 (I will be happy to share more details via PM if you would like to know). That makes the overall commission ~21%. We will be pushing an update to the balances page such that you will be able to view a detailed breakdown of the commission applied on each ad type

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Thanks for your reply. I was confused after I added the day by day report by my own. Also, I wanted to know if there is any revenue removal for like Invalid traffic or clicks?

Yes, It’d be great for us to get a detailed information.

Currently we can check revenue with respect of date. Can you add with respect to app as well. With this feature we can check particular app revenue from last 7,14 days.

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Yes, we will be deducting the amount Google have deducted from us. However, we’re yet to implement this as we’re still working on accessing this data from Ad Manager for each child account.

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I believe this is already possible if you set the date range for the past 7/14 days and view data by app in the table?

Yes, but it is not available date wise. Currently it combines app data for dates selected not 1-14 days separated.

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For deeper analyses of your earnings, we might consider allowing for direct report downloads from Google wherein you can get customised Excel-formatted reports based on parameters you request in the My Kodular UI. :thinking:


This will bring more transparency in the system.


I have a issue in Payments section that :-

In my reports, it shows earnings of $2.77 but, in my Balance, it shows balance is $0.
Why my earnings are not updated and it’s already 27th 0f the month.
Can anyone help please ?

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This month earning only update next month last…

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