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Hello I have a question Is it when I add ads to my app, like Admob ads for example Does Kodular take a percentage of the profits? And does Kodular add its own ads?

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@monika Please Go through this article to get you Answer

And if you want to calculate commission use this

The commission calculator app no longer applies to apps made with Kodular Fenix.

The commission for each monetisation component is listed in their docs articles.

We should probably remove the calculator app from Google Play to avoid confusion


I checked docs, but commission section in not available in all components.
Commission section is only available in Monetization Section.
How do we calculate our current commission percentage?

Eg: Custom Tabs, Earlier it was 2%, now it is not showing anything.

We no longer take commission based on non-monetisation components you use. The system now is fairly straightforward. For any advertising component you place in your app, we show our own ads X% (as can be looked up from the docs) of all ad requests you make from that component.


Thank You, for clarification.

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Thanks @Vishwas