Admanager Revenue and Balance are not equal

%50 percent?!

Yes. Less than 50% :cry:

what happens here

Let’s wait for the admin team to clear this and not to confuse other fellow koders too. :+1:

Balances Added is from 2nd Aug to 1st September.
My Balance is showing correctly.



I have a banner ad and an interstitial ad in my app. Do they both count as 40%? If yes, sorry but this seems like a day-time theft to me. I am definitely not gonna love losing 40%. I’d be still happy to serve ads if this were like 15 or max 20%.

I don’t understand the system. It’d be great if someone explains this.

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in my case it is 22 % and it is really too high.

ps. i have only banner.

Yes. But, I still can serve for Kodular’s usability. But, for 40% is way too high for a app building service in my opinion.

In my account 19% commission on revenue earned from Interstitial and 21% commission on revenue earned from banner.
Not 19+21.
Reply from kodular team will be appreciated

it is too high. I consider to stop to make new apps.

Yes, if this is the case. I’d too.

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50*20% is 10 dollar not 20

Yes… I got it. Sorry, my mistake.

I will be very happy if they bring back commission removal system or any other premium plan.

I dont hope so what, they change it.

Yes, I’ll definitely get it if they do bring it back.

Commission values listed are for each component. Do not add them up. We will be taking 21% of the revenue generated by each banner, and 19% from each interstitial. Not 40% from either/all.


Thanks for clearing the doubt. :+1: