Funding Accounts

We’re adding last months funds to your accounts. You should be able to see an updated balance within the next few minutes.
Some of you may already have reached our payment threshold, meaning you can request payouts. It is recommended to use PayPal, as Kodular pays all fees.


It is showing Internal Error

Iam added my bank accout i don’t have paypal any problem??

No problem, but some fees by the payment processor may apply

So, our current payment doesn’t include what we earned in September? If yes, this answers my old question too.

That’s correct


I’m unable to request withdrawl, button is disabled.

You reached minimum amount??

We’re still reviewing your payments data.

Yes, First Payment from Apps :relieved::partying_face:

Ad manager revenue data or other data( tax etc)?

Tax forms


Why last month Fund didn’t Added yet in account?

I think today balance will be accrual…

last month they add fund on 22sep

Fund added in account but the question is why 30% cutting from my balance​:question:

Can you please send a screenshot of the added balances?

Just PM you Please Check.

Same Case with me.
Shall I also send screenshot?

Should I send screenshot here?