Funding Accounts Problem - March 2022

Wrong Balance Accrual in Kodular Account. only 14$ transferred instead of $100+

does anyone also face the same issue? i think kodular may re-run the balance campaign.

Yes mine also but mistakenly i requested for amount waiting for kodular response

still no body respond. please kodular staff help us. thanks you please

Mine almost cut 50% please kodular help us

We’re investigating this issue. It will be resolved soon.


The breakdown says I’m a millionaire anyways :laughing:

And I’ve got way too much than what I’ve actually earned.

Earned : $26 ( from statistics )

Got $72 ( accural ) in payments page.

Hope you guys can fix this issue. Didn’t request for withdrawal.

Earned 80 $ got 39 $:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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i earned $150 but got $14.23.

I will investigate this issue on Tuesday. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
In the meantime, please do not request any withdrawal.

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I have requested withdrawal but now i think that i have recieved more.

Is the “REVIEWED” status already able to attract revenue?

please also check intratitial Ads impression are going down day by day.

@Diego Any Updates…??

I think it should be fixed now. Can you please confirm if the values now match the expected amounts?

Yes. its correct now. thanks for the kind support.

Yes Thanks​:raised_hands:

Hello, Is this month’s income the last month’s income?

every month we get our previous month income.
yes in april we will get March income.

Hey @Diego , Please look at this issue

I’ve made a withdrawal, but so far I haven’t received a bank transfer. How long for this process?