Funding Accounts

No, there has been a mistake when calculating commissions. We will try to re-run the job either today or tomorrow, and cancel all requested payouts.

EDIT: It should be fixed by Thursday.

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It should be fixed now. We’re adding detailed rows for each accrual (where you will be able to see the specific commission applied for each ad and version).
In the meantime, if you have any question, feel free to PM and I’ll send you all details about your calculation.

It is still same.

So what is fixed now? Balance is same

I’ll send you the details of the calculation in a few hours

Okay thanks

Mine balance is also same 🤷

Basically if we don’t update our app then commission will be more.
In current version, ads are not working. How can I update my apps to a non functional version?

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Apologies, the job run in the outdated version again :sweat_smile:
Are you now getting correct balances?

My balance is ok now.

But I want to say this: A fixed commission amount should be set.
The commission logic is unfair. If I have a good app and earn good means paying always more commission.
I think, the maximum amount should be determined. A commission should be taken up to a certain amount, but it should stop when this amount is exceeded.
Such an adjustment increases the enthusiasm of the developers. It helps to attract new participants from other platforms.

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What you suggest would be like adding a tax cap. Imagine you live in a country where you pay taxes, but if you exceed, for example, $1,000 in taxes, you don’t have to pay anything else.

Would you really be willing to live in a country where someone who earns $1,000,000 per year pays the same as someone who earns $10,000? That cap does only benefit the ones earning most, and promotes inequality…

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It is impossible to compare the two things with each other. One is tax, the other is commission. Just because both are calculated as a percentage does not mean they are the same thing.
But the method I propose is nothing new. It is a method that is always applied in this type of API usage on the Internet.

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I am sorry, but you will not find any single API on the Internet where, after you reach a certain amount of usage, your bill stops. You can find API services where you pay for a certain number of calls per month, but if you exceed that number, you are blocked from the service (until you pay for more calls).
Imagine if you could use AWS or GCP when after you reach $100 in your monthly bill, it goes for free.

And if you are thinking about any other commission system, it is the same. Think about Admob or AdSense. They do have a 32% commission (even higher in Admob). Does Google stop taking that commission once you reach a monthly amount of $1,000?

I recall hearing once a quote (though I think it was in a meme): “a country is like a subscription: you get the first months for free, and then you pay with your taxes”. But, if you think about it, it is really true.

A company is like a country, or a country is like a state, whichever you want to be the “first” one. You have a parent organization with users. A country provides their citizens some benefits for “staying” with them (public services), and citizens pay the country part of their own money with their taxes to keep financing those services. A company works in the same way: you pay for some services (it can be a subscription, or a commission, or whatever) and you get some services back in exchange.

It just won’t be fair if the top 10 users were paying the same amount as the bottom 10 users. As said, what would you think if a millionaire were paying the same fee as you? What if now you find that an app with over 1M ads per day is paying the same as your app?

And you are forgetting that, the more ads you display, the more it costs for us. It is not free to display ads using Google Ad Manager. We are already paying fees to provide you with inventory and access to Google Ad Exchange, and those fees are based on the amount of ads you display. So, if we added a cap at a certain amount, it won’t be only “free” for you, but it will cause us to be paying for a service that you are directly getting access and it is out of our control.

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Let’s wait for other users. let them express their opinions. At least there will be a discussion about it.

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The more you earn, the more you pay in commission. I fail to see the problem. If this is unacceptable then you should look at alternatives.

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Exactly my opinion is also that the more your earn the more you pay comission that’s it​:man_shrugging:

I think, there should be an premium plan for kodular.
Let say, you pay x amount then no commission or commission removal for individual apps.
Even API or any other platform have premium plan excluding giants but they also have contact us if your usage is higher.


Yeah there must be a premium billing plan (Fixed Rate/month) with a separate Enterprise custom plan for the large scale apps


Can anyone receive payment ?

I am still waiting for september’s.