Commission question

Every time my ad comes up, did one of you show up next? In case of Interstitial.

And won’t it be possible to use another commission ad network?

Use this app to check the commission you have to pay:-

Yes, It’s possible… You can find this option in Screen1 properties.

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They removed, I want to know how often their ads appear.

Commission only unity, I don’t particularly like unity’s videos, admob was better but they lost count.

For which ad you wanna count commission…

I use interstitial admob.

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Ya then there is commission on it… & They will take commission using unity ads…

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So every time my ad comes up one of them comes along. Right?

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I’m asking why they said they reduced the commission.

No! Not like that! I suggest you to check how much commission it takes from your app…


Nope its depend on the number of components you use…
Max. commission is 44℅ . & Lowest commission is 15-20% …

Here is kodular commission. Use it to know how much commission kodular charges from You…

Stay Calm & Happy Koding


It’s 38% now! :wink:

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Oooh Great…

Thanks, when I update my app I’ll see it in practice … I just don’t know when​:sweat_smile::joy:

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You can check your commission % using app I suggested above…


I don’t even care how much they earn, what I don’t like is how unity ads work and the user having to wait the time and stretch a finger to close​:sweat_smile::joy:

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Thanks for the answers.

I just calculate my commission its show 36% (Right now facebook ads not showing -(16+11)).So here is my question does kudular cut our revenue or they show their ads depend on percentage of commission.


Yes, If it’s 10%, they’ll show 1 ad for every 10 ads you load


Ok Thank You .

The comission for Admob is proportional of the number of features created by Kodular that you use.
The less is 11% if you don’t use any feature created by Kodular and about 45% if you use all of them.
For example, my app uses custom package name, youtube player, tab layout, push notifications, exoplayer, shortcut badger, cloudinary, lottie and custom tabs. Kodular keeps 33% of the revenue…
I gave up using in-app purchase but I won’t use anymore because the revenue is almost nothing but using it made Admob comission goes to 43%, what is not fair for me.