Kodular Commission

Kodular Commission
Below information is collected from Kodular Commission App.

How to calculate
Ad Network or Ad Format Commission
Components Commission
Extra Features Commission (If any)

Note: If you add multiple same components, for example If you add two Lottie components, your commission will be the same as if you added only one, or three, or a hundred.

Below are the commissions of Ad Network or Ad Format Commissions
Kodular will only take commission on below Ad Networks or Ad Formats
If you do not include below Ad Networks or Ad Formats, Then its Free
Ad Colony Interstitial: 8%
Admob Interstitial: 11%
Amazon Mobile Interstitial: 9%
AppLovin Interstitial: 8%
Facebook Interstitial: 9%
Facebook Rewarded Video: 12%
Leadbolt Interstitial: 9%
Leadbold Rewarded Video: 12%
StartApp Banner: 5%
StartApp Interstitial: 8%
Unity Interstitial: 8%

Below are the commissions of Components
Kodular will only take commission on below Components
Spotlight: 2%
Bottom Navigation: 3%
Bottom Sheet: 2%
Swipe Refresh Layout: 1%
View Flipper: 1%
View Pager: 3%
Tab Layout: 3%
Lottie: 1%
OCR: 1%
Play Games: 3%
Youtube Player: 2%
Cloudinary: 1%
Custom Tabs: 2%
Shell: 1%

Extra Features
Custom Package Name: 4%
In-App Purchases: 8%


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This topic doesn’t belong any category, so I moved to #off-topic .

And what is that?

Nothing but copied info from Kodular Commission app. :wink:

I can see but there is already Kodular’s app for that which calculates commission automatically, right? So it is not needed to write percents here.

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I don’t need it because topic’s author automatically will be notified :wink:

But this is an easy way to know every components commission.
Developer can easily get an idea about commissions taken.
In App, if you want to know a component’s commission you have to calculate
(total - Ad commision = Component commision)
If you want know about all components then???
Developer can easily know about commissions with out installing app
If a developer search community about commissions then he can easily find

I am trying give detailed information
It is not a spam or commercial post


Not really, as there are ceiling values :wink:
It’s not just keep adding and adding


looks like highway robbery! lol what happens if a user miraculously gets a gazillion downloads and make 1 million dollars? you take up to %25? so you make $250,000 off the app… since there is commission on app there should be a limitation, no? once the app makes you guys lets say $1000 your commission extraction code is disabled… make sense? i understand why you need to make money but taxing the app creators indefinitely?


Wow, so why don’t you complain to your goverment that if you earn $1,000,000 they take $300,000?
There are services that allow making apps without coding that actually take 50%, and nobody blames them, AFAIK

Also, why don’t you complain to Google that if you earn $1,000,000, you only get $680,000? Because, “officially”, you only see that amount, without knowing what they actually take in background
And then substract from that income the “Invalid Traffic” percentage

Also, try searching in the community before posting


Hi, developers.
What is the commission limit?

they take up to 25% if you use all their commission components in your app. not all components have taxes on them only a few and is you use them you will be taxed forever. but they are bringing a new system in a few weeks/months where you can make your app 0% commission but you are going to have to pay for the components i believe. i wonder how much they going to charge.

I think you are right but you should use a more professional tone to express this.

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We are planning to run a global survey asking a few questions to all users, so we can adjust the values properly


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If you don’t want commission, just don’t place ads :slightly_smiling_face:

Kodular will have a future Premium plan only for Kodular IDE, others will always be free


is this not reasonable to conclude to?
no ads means no income, so where will the commission be calculated upon?

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These three words are enough.
We will come to know everything. Do not assume anything and reply in accordance.
just have patience


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