The Future of AppyBuilder

Hello Koders! :wave:

The marked day is here, and more information about merging AppyBuilder into Kodular is here too!
You can now find all information pertaining to the merger in the blog post below:point_down:

We strongly recommend you read it fully, as it contains the whole migration roadmap! :spiral_calendar:

Also, there is some other great news we would like to share with you! :yum:

The first one is related to the commission system. We have received several requests to remove it, so we’d like to put some social-media rumors to rest.
You will soon be able to remove commissions from your apps! :astonished:

Yes! You heard that right!
This announcement has been in the works for several weeks, and we’re thrilled to make the news public! The new system will take a few weeks (maybe months) to be fully implemented, but when done, your commission will drop to 0% :money_mouth_face:
We’re also planning on introducing discounted prices and other cool stuff, which will be first released in a closed beta to gather user feedback. Keep an eye out for any survey that comes to your inbox! :wink:

Talking about Facebook Ads, we are still investigating the problem and are yet to come to a bug-free fix. We hope to have more news soon. :raised_hands:

If you’re an AppyBuilder :appybuilder: user, make sure you mark the dates in the blog post so that your migration will be hassle free. We certainly wouldn’t want you losing any of your hard work.

Having said so, the only thing left is…

Happy Koding!
Kodular Team :kodular:


Is Kodular going to be a Freemium builder?

No, we already said several times that there is not going to be Premium Plan
You will see how to remove the commission when the moment comes


Again, I must say, you guys are great. Go ahead… :+1:


Appybuilder has a builder in offline mode. Then kodular will also work in offline mode?


As of now, there are no plans for an offline version of Kodular


The blog post is very clear about the plans for the future. Nice work, really professional. :+1: Great to be part of this experience.

I like this bit about the AB code.

Existing professional forks will have to contact us at [email protected] for more information regarding their license exemption status.

Curious about all the builders that will contact you and maybe will not contact you. :sunglasses:


Best Post ever. Really You guys are wonderful. Thank you team…
Now i can’t wait for the update…
Please do it as soon as possible…


Great news, all the best Kodular team :muscle:

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I think paying bills for components used
But please keep both option new one and commision and i always prefer commision one

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That’s the idea
Nothing that is at this moment will be removed, it will be an alternative


Vive la Kodular!


"Vive la Kodular! "

Long live Kodular!

Just in English :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for that but i didn’t understand that why users are against commision system which is genuine.

I Guess it Right

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Users were against it because they wanted to earn all (100%) of their income (They didn’t even wanted Kodular, the platform they were using to take just ~20% of it :sweat_smile: )

The merging will be great for them :grin:

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Great Move !


Thank you very much for this INFO.
with this platform, you give a chance to many young people all over the world

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This is amazing news for us :yum:
when we will get the update ?


Very well explained!
I believe it’s going to be positive for all us. AppyBuilder users will be able to completely migrate to Kodular and use it’s features and Kodular will add features coming from Appy Builder.
“And we say that it’s very good!” :heart_eyes:


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