New Commission System is very high!

i only selected 3 basic component and commission increased to 35%

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And paying for per feature will motivate them to make quality app? :thinking::thinking:

I think it’s better to pay for number of ad components used in the app not all components


It’s not like that! Obviously not everyone want to serve users but want to earn… Sorry to say, I am not one of them… I want to earn, but only after serving users …


I think it will not!! Because you have to use components to make your app better & at the same time, your commission will get higher…


Well… Can you solve a Python problem for me?

I promise and I will give instant $50. But you need to solve it infort of the came.

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the purpose of siting for hours in front of the computer, trying to learn new things and developing a project is not just entertainment, each person has certain different expectations, especially desires to generate additional income.


Worth it! :joy::joy::joy:

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use your mind, there are some alternatives to some components, find out and lower the commission

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Keep your mind outside for now and let’s talk about normal unconditional commission system.

Please do a poll

70% users are here because of ads and 30% because of advance features Kodular have.

I am sure maximum users are from India / Asia region.

It all started with thunkable, Indian users saw they can earn through thier app by placing some ads… and makeroid came with some extraa features. Users moved to Makeroid .

Kodular users started increasing rapidly because they can make cool and Ui, advance features inside the app and also earn some pennies but now Kodular want to keep that penny too.

Kodular Forum Ads and 15% charge is enough to run server and all.

Now you will say why dont you develop a builder then.

My answer is I m not an expert at that but I atleast have a knowledge what amount i need to run my services.


Fair enough Nicholas.

We are not saying that dont take Commissions.
Take Commisoon.

But not fair one time


ya give me your mindful solution then

Only solution is to use Android studio… Or change your builder…

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yes go ahead change your builder you are free to go !

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Of course I am! It’s better to build a bit ugly app than giving 50% commission…


too much commission kodular is taking this time . they should reduce the commission or they will loose the developers


Dear Himanshu,
You can’t control everyone. Everyone is here with some purposes. Some is here for earning, some are for quality and some are for both. You don’t have to tell what should they do. Their action in inevitable according to their purposes.

Right now, Thunkable is dying, AppyBuilder is not in game…other builders are not so popular. Only Kodular is here. So obviously various thoughts will be here in community and we should welcome it. It’s Kodular’s policy and let them think what to do and what not.

Things will change with time.


@plantdoc2018 Have you published any app yet??

@asimjib93 explain your question?

Just asking if you published any app in any app store yet…