Materializing Makeroid

So I’m opening this discussion on to talk about making Makeroid more Material Design. Please give suggestions about your opinions, maybe bugs about Material Design components and etc.

Since Makeroid is a Material Design based builder, I wanted to help to improve this. Also, since this discussion is for everybody I’m also going to give suggestions please say what you think about these.

A suggestion of mine: Is the logo going to change? With Google’s font maybe? (Product Sans)
I prepared some examples below:

These look more “Material Design” :slight_smile:
What you guys thinking?
@Sander @Conor @Ben @Diego @Mika @vishwasadiga

I like it, the last one looks pretty cool.

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@Ben Glad you liked it.
If you have any suggestions, you can tell so I can edit it. I’m very good at designing by the way :slight_smile: .

The reason I’m suggesting to change the logo is this one is so “oldish”. I liked the gear idea so I implemented to the new logo too.

The logo should represent Material Design as this system is based on Material Design. Right?

@vishwasadiga is our designer and he might have some new things ready for later

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@Sander that’s good. Hope he’s going to see this discussion and decide what to do. I would like to see something new :slight_smile:

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Believe me, there will be new stuff :joy:


Thanks for the suggestions @TurboProgramming.
We’ll surely look into it.

By the way, the logo you’ve proposed looks rad!


So happy to see that! :slight_smile:
Waiting for it.

No problem, thanks to you.

Current one is already with Google fonts :sweat_smile:
It has a base with ‘Black Ops One’ (search on, then I edited then the O and made the ‘Makeroid’ font. And finally, I converted it to a vector and edit it with colors frame by frame

BTW, isn’t your O the Google Admin logo? :thinking:

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By Google’s font I mean “Product Sans”, the Google logo and the product font.

Yep, that’s the Google Admin Logo :smile:

Product Sans isn’t open source and isn’t actually allowed to be used publicly, especially commercially.


I’m going to search for a fancy font that is not complicated. A bit more “simple”, “material”.

We are going to use the Roboto font


That’s a good choice :slight_smile: is the gear icon going to be used for the “o”?

I am not sure, but I think @vishwasadiga will keep the gear icon


Hopefully, because like it’s something iconic for Makeroid :gear: :slight_smile: