When is the next update?

I know that the developers are working hard to fix the issues that happened last December… I do know they are still working on the future update, however I don’t think it should take this long to release an update for a companion issue! No to complain but, a lot of people need the companion and you could’ve just released the update for fixing it and then the update to add everything else… However the community has been wondering when the next update is due, knowing it’s been a whole month, and yes we know your just student… I am also a student my self! However like I was saying, its been a full month now. And you guys have been delaying the update week by week and day after day when you said you would release it last week or the weekend… It was not, in the future you have to be swift when you are working at certain jobs… This is like your training. But, all you guys need to do is stay in contact and work on it together at most 1 hour a day for the companion… If you have a laptop! I even volunteered to help with tutorials… And somewhat developing to get updates out faster with still great work. I come home everyday and I improve my app for at most an hour or 3 so I can release an update that I specifically set the date for!


Hi Nathan and Makeroid Developers,

I know you want quick builder updates, everyone do: but improving an app like this is hard. You need to deal with a lot of bugs, need ideas, sometimes need to get user feedback etc.

I’m also working on big projects and I know that from them. It’s hard.

Yes, the fact that they are delaying these updates are also annoying me (especially I want an update for the blocks editor lag as I can’t develop my app waiting for them to release a fix for it even they’ve mentioned before 2 major updates that they’ve fixed the issue!).

We just need to be patient, otherwise, otherwise? Nothing will happen.

I just want something from the @Kodular staff, please but please, release an update that fixes all these bugs and THEN work on new features. For example, you could’ve released a bug fix update and you could’ve have much more time as we were going to be silent developing our apps. But while we deal with bugs with the Makeroid Builder, we can’t deal with bugs in our apps.


Yes. I see where you are coming from. I develop my own apps as well with :makeroid: as a matter a fact… I am working on 2 big projects. But I’ve truly never seen an App Builder take this long to update. And yes they should’ve released the companion bug fix before anything else or at least fixed the code thing!

I’ve mentioned that I can’t develop my apps because of this blocks editor lag.

Instead of waiting an update for the Makeroid Builder, I switched to Android Studio and I’m working on that project of mine there. It’s easier and faster instead of waiting a fix for this issue.

(But still, even if these updates are late, Makeroid is the best Blocky based App builder ever :slight_smile:.)

I have Android Studio but, the switch screen stuff is to difficult for more however I use fragments instead! I know how to code. But, I’d rather have a choice of blocks other than java… Bcause, then there is no way to import you project from Studio to Makeroid

The problem is that we can’t release the new companion without updating the builder

The projects I create with Android Studio, stay with Android Studio :wink:

(I don’t import to Makeroid)

I am saying you could’ve release at most the code picker thing in the companion all fixed just not the orientation bug, and then fixed it later!

…and I say instead of working on new stuff, first fix all bugs and release an update for it. Then while we enjoy the stable builder (yay!) you can work on new stuff, listening to our feedback.

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@pavi2410, I want to ask something, why can’t you update the Companion just fixing the orientation bug, without updating the builder?

That’s what I am also saying that they then can take there time while we are distracted because, we dont have bugs!

I will wait forever for you to add new features if you fix this blocks editor lag :frowning:.

Why did you delete your post?

Sorry to hear about your frustration. We also want to release the next update so we can continue to work on our new products. As you know we’ve been having server issues which have been our priority the past few days.

As @pavi2410 has mentioned already, we can’t release a new companion without updating the builder, which still has some things that need finishing and we didn’t want to release another buggy, unfinished builder.

I don’t want to say another date incase any last-minute issues arise, but we’ve agreed for it to be at the end of this month.

@TurboProgramming can you send me your .aia file so I can see if I can replicate the blockly issues you’re experiencing?

This is not true…
We try to update our builder every month…

You want good things? Then wait… Else you get bad things.

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Ok first I’ve truly never seen an App Builder take this long… Second when you say your going to release an update and tell us you are, release it!

It looks like you are frustrated.
But as you write you should not be, since you are using Android Studio anyway.
So why are you so impatient? There are no reasons for that.

We are working on that what we can do.
It is not our job…

I said I was using Android Studio previously and switched over to Makeroid, it’s more simple then to have a fragment.

And btw… We release a update first when it is ready.
It does not make sense to release something only because some people wants to see a new update.
We do it when we can do it.
Thats all.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Which is when you working on an update, so umm hello