Purple color as default app bar color (Status bar & Title bar)

Hey Developers,

As we all know, Makeroid’s symbolic color is the color “Purple :purple_heart:”. The main website, the community, the builder, the companion and every Makeroid services’ UI is based on this color.

But the default Title Bar and Status Bar color after opening a new project on the builder is “Blue :blue_heart:”. I suggest you change it to “Purple :purple_heart:” as it represents Makeroid better.

Also, I would like to ask the community users so you could get a better idea on what to do.

Do you agree with this idea?

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We have new color properties coming in the next release. This will affect default colors of many components

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by color properties, what do you mean?

Like in Android Studio, primary, primaryDark and accent colors.

Saw them :slight_smile:.

But are you going to make the default Status & Title Bar color purple?

How is this idea to you?

Status Bar and Title bar will be set to primary dark and primary respectively, by default


Waiting for you and the other developers’ awesome work!

btw can I give another suggestions if you don’t mind?

Can you add a color selection section/option that include all Material Design colors from the official Material Design Color Palette (https://material.io/guidelines/style/color.html)?

All the colors are from Material Design pallette. I think from 500

No, that was not the thing I meant. (btw yes, they are from the 500 series)

I mean others too. In a grid view, 50s, 100s, 200s, 300s, 400s, 500s, 600s, 700s, 800s and the 900s (maybe also A’s too.) So we can choose all of them.

Let me give an example to what I mean.

Instead of having a layout like this:

This is what I mean:


That grid view in the top left. With all the numbers displayed on the colors, all colors in a gridView.

…and of course a custom color selection menu. The current one is alright as we can choose all colors.

Did you understand what I mean?

You can choose custom color by clicking on the last item in the menu

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@pavi2410, no I know that we have that already.

I mean, I don’t want to

  • Copy the hex code from the Material Design Color Palette Website
  • Paste it to the custom color UI.

I want to choose a color directly from the color selection part inside Makeroid Builder.

In a summary, I want the Material Design Color Palette integrated into Makeroid Builder.

Did you undersand?

Blue looks better imo. Purple, not so much.


Yes, it may look better. But it’s the “Makeroid” builder. Compared to all these Purple themed Makeroid services, blue color doesn’t mean everything.

We need to discuss this

If we add all the colors to the designer the list will be too long and uses dont know which color to use. So I think it s better to use HEX color when you need the other ones

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Not a list, I want gridview. A small one.